Nice to meet you!

I am Bonnie Lee and I am Argyle and Paisley Graphic Design. I have always loved to create and make new things. I could give you a long list of all the crafts I’ve tried, however this is my design story.

Over the past 19 years in the design industry I have dipped my toe into various styles of design. I got my start at a general printers and stationery shop in a small country town. Mountains, trees, greenery as far as the eye could see, idyllic really. It was here I did my training and began my love of design.

When I grew too big for the country and longed for adventure I travelled abroad and found myself creating custom sporting apparel for the cycling industry. Little did I know back then that I one day would end up married to a lycra clad man and be seen in such lycra myself!

After a couple of years away it was time to move back home and I landed a job in the print sector creating advertising, catalogues and point of sale. I loved creating catalogues, but oh I’d be so happy if I don’t have to etch another image in my entire life!

It was time for another change and so I had a brief foray in signage design before moving on to a contract in Desktop Publishing. Before I knew it, three months had turned into two years working with a great team and honing my publishing skills.

And that all led me to here, Argyle and Paisley Graphic Design.
Nice to meet you!